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Saturday Six: Picture Fall

October 9, 2010

I’m taking a class at Big Picture Classes called Picture Fall. We’re given one photo prompt per day from Oct. 1-Oct. 31. At the end of the class, the goal is to have 31 photos that represent fall. My personal goal is to create a mini book at the end of the month with the photos from the class.

Here are my photos from the first six days.

Day One: The Quintessential Fall
Today’s prompt was to take a picture of a fallen leaf. It was getting pretty late in the day when I took this one. I got out of the car in LeClaire, Iowa and saw this leaf right away.





Day Two: Get Comfy

The photo prompt for day two was to capture an image of our easy chair. Since I was out of town for this prompt, I took a picture of a chair at a local library.






Day Three: The Beauty Challenge

We were prompted to take a photo of something slightly out of the ordinary. The photo prompt urged me to look beyond the normal signs of fall and take a picture of something most people wouldn’t notice. The photo on day three is a close-up of corn stalks in Galena, IL.






Day Four: Morning Light

This prompt urged me to look around me at morning light and capture a photo that really emphasized that light. I got up a little late on day four, so I almost missed the morning light, but I think that this photo in an antique store still illustrates the light.






Day Five: Little Reminders

Today’s prompt guided us to look around us and take a picture of something that illustrates visual reminders of things we want to remember. I immediately thought of my one little word, and took a photo of my word on a necklace that I own.






Day Six: Subtleties

On the sixth day of class, we were asked to find something monochromatic. There are some bushes right by my house that are a beautiful shade of red.

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  1. October 11, 2010 11:50 am

    Nice pics! I’m in also, need to do some catching up.

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