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Friday Five: Bookmarked

August 27, 2010

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I’ve been using the bookmarking website delicious since library school. I love that all my bookmarks can be saved in the “cloud” so I can view them on any computer (or even my iPhone!) anywhere at any time. Here are five things that I’ve bookmarked this week.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths I’ve thought about donating my hair, but I’ve never actually done it. This summer I cut off about 4 inches, and I’ve been thinking about growing it out again. Donating my hair would be a perfect reason for me to start growing it out. With the help of some of my awesome tweeps, I discovered the Pantene Beautiful Lengths website.

Creative Scrappers When I am starting a new layout, I start with a sketch. I am not usually one of those people who have an idea in their head of how their layout is going to look before they get started. I like to borrow ideas from others, and I use sketches to do it. I’ve been on the hunt for good sketch websites, and the Creative Scrappers website definitely fits the bill.

The User Experience: Services Before Content Aaron Schmidt writes a Library Journal column on User Experience. I’m a huge fan of the column because it does such a good job at examining user experience and how it applies to libraries. This column, in particular, was a good one. Schmidt points out that we should be focusing on creating rather than content. This is an interesting idea and I think that libraries should really take it to heart. How can we help our patrons accomplish their goals and provide the services they need to achieve their vision?

Mini Vacation Scrapbook Album I’m really into mini albums lately. I’ve been using them to document single events rather than trying to cram a billion photos on one layout. I really love this album idea from Scrapbooks Etc. is really great because it mixes different page formats. We’re going on a road trip in October to explore the Mississippi River Byway, and this album will be a great way to document that long weekend.

My Piece of Heaven I stumbled across Corinne Delis‘ blog when I was looking for inspiration for my scrap room. There are some great photos here of Corinne’s scrap room, and some great inspiration for me! I really love that she’s included inspiration pieces in her space. It’s all so nice and neat and well kept that it makes me drool. Seriously.

What did you bookmark this week?

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