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Friday Five: Photos to Take

June 11, 2010

Since I’m a scrapbooker, photos are very important to me. When I’m working on a scrapbook, I often think about the photos I should have taken.  Here’s a list of photos that I don’t want to leave out.

1. Signs. Making sure I take pictures of signs will help me remember where I’ve been.

(photo source)

2. Details. What little things do I want to include in a scrapbook page?

(photo source)

3. Candids. Sometimes it’s more fun to scrapbook a photo where people
aren’t posed.

4. Crowds. Was the event huge? I want to show just how many people were there with a crowd shot.

(photo source)

5. Landscapes. Most of the time, I do take landscape photos, but there are those few times I don’t. It’s an important reminder of where I’ve been.

(photo source)
What photos do you not want to miss?

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