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Random Thoughts from Best Day Ever

April 19, 2010

This is Chris. Chris blogs about beer, books, and baseball (not necessarily in that order) over at Daily Brew HaHa. I’ve known Chris for almost three years. He keeps me laughing. One more thing about Chris: He bleeds Cubbie blue.

Note from Chris: This wasn’t really my best day ever, but it is how I envision Carrie’s best day ever. –ck

It is noon.  I just woke up.  Missed church (not upset).  Missed yoga (only somewhat upset).  The all night of, ahem, fun was totally worth it.

The beauty of living here in Key West is that I can live in a completely open-air house most of the year—no windows, no doors, really no walls.  Just fresh ocean air all day and all night.  Ahhhhh.

I think one of my neighbors is playing Bon Jovi.  They are the best ever!  I must find out which neighbor that is and introduce myself.

No shoes today.  That makes 938 straight days, which ties my personal best!

I think I will drink a pot of Kona coffee, have some breakfast, and then go to the library for the afternoon.  Another beauty of Key West—libraries open on Sunday and you can read outdoors!

While I was showering, “No Rain” by Blind Melon came on the radio.  Favorite song ever!

OK, it is a nice day out (they all are here!). I think I have time for one margarita before going out.  I will take that and a book, and walk the twelve steps to the beach and just hang out for a little while.

Driving away in my convertible Beetle, Metallica came on the radio.  They are the best heavy metal group ever!  It has been 2,112 days since I last had my top on (the car).

The library was fun (as always!).  The people that work there are always so nice and helpful.  Five of my most favorite authors were there giving a talk, and I asked them all questions.  It was totally awesome!  Some of the other people visiting the library were kind of strange, but what do you expect?

Almost 4 PM.  Only about six more hours of sunlight.  Time for a quick (two hour) nap before the first Law & Order rerun of the day comes on (I love that show!).

I love naps!

Dinnertime.  I am starving.  Food is the best ever!

I think I ate too much.  I will take a short walk down the beach while drinking a chocolate beer.  Or maybe a blueberry one.

Alice in Chains came on my iPod while I was walking.  I love them!

While walking down the beach, I stopped and got a tattoo.  That makes fourteen of them.  My lucky number!

Friends and coming over for game night tonight.  Except I think tonight is poker and cigars.  I hope they don’t talk me into doing shots again.  I will do them, but I will regret it tomorrow.

Poker just finished.  I lost (again), but still have all of my clothes (as far as I can tell).  I am feeling no pain, and you can’t wipe the smile off my face.

I hear some commotion starting on the beach behind the bar next door.  I think I will walk over for a peek.

Hold on, I need a minute (breathe, just breathe….).  OK.  Jimmy Buffett showed up at the bar next door and gave an impromptu concert for the fifteen patrons in the bar.  He called me up on stage and sang a song to me.  After being revived from fainting, I ran home and brought back 267 items for Jimmy to sign for me, which he gladly did.  HE IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!

Now it is time to sleep again.  I was so glad that I could share this day with all of you.  I can’t wait to wake up and do it all over again!

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