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Still Committed?

April 6, 2010

It’s April 6, which means that the first quarter of 2010 is over. My one little word for 2010 is Commit. I chose that word because there are many things I want to commit to this year. Now that the first quarter has come to a close, let’s review and see how I’m doing.  

Commit to creating more layouts: This one isn’t going too bad. I went to an all day crop back in February, and was able to get 10 pages done.
Commit to observing everyday life and putting it in my 2010 scrapbook: I have taken some photos of everyday life, but haven’t scrapbooked them yet. Does this mean I’m halfway there?
Commit to make time for myself and preserve my sanity: The all day crop could be considered time to myself. No work, no plans, just scrapbooking with good friends. This will be accomplished more in the coming months.
Commit to Andy and make our marriage stronger: We’ve done date night a couple of times. I think I’ve laughed more with him, and had some good conversations about family issues.
Commit to the memory of Aunt Sue and live my life how she lived hers: While I think about her every single day, I’m not living my life how she lived hers. I need to laugh more. Be nicer to people. Be more giving.
Commit to the libraries in which I work and make them better: I was accepted to the Synergy Leadership program, so this goes a long way to my commitment.
Commit to my yoga practice: January and February were great for this goal. March? Not so much. I didn’t go to yoga a single time in march. I didn’t even do yoga by myself.
Commit to my family: I’ve seen my family pretty frequently. I’ve also seen Andy’s family a little more often.
Commit to my friends: I need to catch up with my friends. I wonder how they’re doing?
Commit to weight loss and finally achieving my goals: I’ve lost 10 pounds, and gained two. I’m excited about a net loss of 8 pounds.  
So, in review, how is it going so far? Could be better, could be worse. 
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