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Friday Five: Why I Scrapbook

March 5, 2010

A few weeks ago, Shimelle posted about why she is a scrapbooker. Then she invited others to create projects to explain why they scrapbook. Check out everyone’s projects here. I didn’t participate in the adventure, but it got me thinking. Why do I scrapbook? Here are some answers to that question.

1. I scrapbook to remember. There are all kinds of great stories about things that happened throughout my life. I want to remember those stories.





 2. I scrapbook to relive. Most of my layouts have to do with travel. I make travel scrapbooks to relive my vacations. I also do layouts to relive certain events.






3. I scrapbook to create. I love the creative aspect of scrapbooking. This hobby has taught me that I really do have an artistic side.






4. I scrapbook to connect. I have met many people online and offline because of this hobby. This great hobby of mine has helped me to maintain a connection with a friend I have had for almost nine years. If I wasn’t a scrapbooker, I would have lost touch by now.






5. I scrapbook to leave a record. Someday, someone may wonder about me after I am gone. They’ll be able to learn about me through my scrapbooks.


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