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Friday Five: Things I Hate About Winter

January 29, 2010

flickr image courtesy of wmacphail

It’s a balmy seven degrees in the Chicago area right now. I’m not a fan of winter. These are five (and only five) things that I hate about winter.

1. Cold weather. I hate the cold, and I’d rather be somewhere warm. Someday, I will.
2. Bundling up. All the layers I have to wear to go outside drive me crazy. It’s so much easier to go out and about in the spring and summer. No layers!
3. Driving. Each year, it seems as if everyone needs to relearn how to drive in a snow storm. Even if we only get an inch or so, it feels like people have forgotten how to drive.
4. Wearing socks. I’d rather be wearing sandals all the time. Winter forces me to wear socks. I don’t like it.
5. Snow. I know lots of people love snow. I am not one of them.

Happy Friday! Stay warm!

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  1. January 29, 2010 1:16 pm

    Agreed on all counts.

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