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Friday Five: Random Tweets

November 27, 2009

I love Twitter. I have been using it for a little over a year. I use it to ask questions and get help from the people that follow me. I use to it to stay connected to what’s new and upcoming in the library world. I use it to connect with other scrapbookers. I use it to see what people are reading. I need to use Twitter more to have conversations with people about all of these things.

Here are five random tweets from my Twitter account.

  1. RT @brewinlibrarian: Libs must create center of conversation in the community. “Be where stuff happens” #il2009
  2. Going through my completed scrapbooks to see what I like & what I don’t like. #AliYT
  3. Thinking about future blog posts based on a non-fiction “project” book. Kind of excited about the prospect of it.
  4. arg. Trying (in vain) to add a LibraryThing widget to my WordPress blog. Can’t seem to do it. 😦
  5. Just recommended Into the Wild to a patron who’s trying to get her son hooked on reading.

So how do you use Twitter? What are some of your random tweets? What do you like about Twitter? What don’t you like about Twitter?

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