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5 Books on My List

November 5, 2009

These are 5 books that are on my to be read list.

Investigating the brutal murder of her new captain’s sixteen-year-old daughter, Lieutenant Eve Dallas believes she is closing in on the perpetrator only to encounter a series of teasing clues that suggest the identities of several possible suspects.

John Grisham returns to Ford County, Mississippi–the setting of his popular first novel, “A Time to Kill”–in a surprising collection of stories.

After his best friend’s daughter, Laura, sets her sights on his son, Alec, Pete Dizinoff sees his plans for a perfect son not just unraveling but being destroyed completely and sets out to derail the romance.

Vacationing together in accordance with their tight-knit friendships, four Nantucket couples are shattered by a boating accident that kills two of their number, an event that sends the island into mourning and reveals unexpected truths about their private lives.

A family travels to a New Hampshire resort to allow their dying mother a week to say goodbye to friends, as their daughter, who doesn’t know that her mother’s condition is terminal, explores her feelings about love and family.

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