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Kick in the Pants

September 30, 2009

I have a feeling that October is going to be crazy! The first project I’m going to do from 52 Projects is project #21. For this project, I will take a picture a day for one month. Since October is almost here, I’m going to start on October 1. I will take a picture each day and post it on the blog. On some days I’ll explain the photos, and on other days, I’ll just post the photo.

On her blog, Lain Ehmann, is doing her LOAD (Layout a Day) challenge. You can read more about it here. During October, the LOAD participants will create one scrapbook layout per day for one month.

I thought that this sounded really cool, so I am going to combine project #21 with the LOAD challenge. Each photo I take for project #21 will be used in a scrapbook layout for the LOAD challenge. I hope I can do it!

I think that the LOAD challenge will give me the kick in the pants that I need to get back into scrapbooking.

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