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My Last Night

April 13, 2009

Tonight is my last night on the reference desk at Schaumburg Township District Library. It’s been a quiet night. There have been a few questions about where to find books, but that’s been it so far. There haven’t been any very difficult questions yet. There’s still an hour left, so we’ll see how the rest of the evening goes.

I’ve learned something new every night that I’ve been on the reference desk. Tonight I learned how to find a stock price from the 1980s. I just got a question about a stock price for August 17, 1985 and to find the stock price for that  day, I used the Daily Stock Price Record from NYSE for the first time.

I’ve been able to show several patrons how to access the online databases tonight, as well. I really enjoy doing that. People always seem impressed with the information that they can obtain through the databases. I always try to tell them that they can also access the databases through our website at home as well.

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  1. Kris permalink
    April 14, 2009 8:53 am

    I am so glad you have had such a great experience at the reference desk. Even when it’s slow, you seem to find something of value. You’ve commented a few times now on showing patrons how to use electronic resources, and with the Flickr class you offered, I think you are on your way to making a great instructional librarian. I hope Vernon will make good use of your skills.

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