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March 30, 2009

Tonight’s been very quiet. So far, I’ve only had a few questions, and one of them was via IM. The patron requested an interlibrary loan. I helped another woman find a book on healthy sleep habits. The status said the book was being shelved, so I first brought her to the wrong end of the recently returned items. She must have thought I was taking her on a wild goose chase. We eventually found the book, so she was happy. I just showed a patron how to use one of the databases. She’s doing research for a psychology class, and needed to find peer-reviewed articles. It was a mini instruction session. Very cool! There was a patron looking for an internet yellow pages type of resource. He was trying to find book search engines. He mentioned, and said he was trying to find other similar search engines. I found an e-book for him, and also found a reference to Open Directory ( I used to use that one in my reference class, and I had forgotten all about it. That was a good reminder!

I’m looking at Flickr accounts from other libraries for ideas. SJCPL gave me a good one. One of the collections is called SJCPL Events. I think I’ll use that, too. That way, STDL will always be identified. Another cool idea from SJCPL: 365 Library Days (one photo per day for a year).

Tomorrow, I will be scanning more photos, and I think I will concentrate on the branches.

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