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Lesson Planning

February 17, 2009

Today was mostly spent working on the lesson plan for my Flickr class. I am using a Flickr tutorial that I created last semester for LIS 764 as a basic outline for the plan. The class will go into much more detail than the tutorial did, but it’s a good starting point.

I’m going to create the presentation in Power Point, and since I’m not an expert at Power Point, I’m using a couple of books that have lots of helpful tips. I learned something that is extremely helpful already. One of the books suggests using the outline feature rather than the slide feature to create the presentation. This is a great idea because it helps me to concentrate on the content rather than the look of the presentation. I can concentrate on that part later.

Other resources I’m using include Flickr (of course) and an excellent book called How to Use Flickr: The Digital Photography Revolution by Richard Giles. It will help not only help me explain Flickr, but also give me ideas on what should be included in the class.

I’ll continue working on the lesson plan on Friday, and also upload some more photos.

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