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Fun with Flickr: Week 2

January 27, 2009

I am busy adding more photos to the STDL Flickr account. Other librarians had a Flickr account for the library that was created for a Web 2.0 workshop. I have taken the relevant photos from that account and added them to this new STDL account. I am also taking the descriptions from those photos and adding them to the new account. So far, tagging the photos has been pretty simple. I’ve used tags like Central Library, STDL, Teen, Youth Services, and Battle of the Bands. I’ve learned something important about photo titles. Before you upload photos, if you save photos with titles you plan on using, it makes it much easier when editing the photo titles later. I’m glad I discovered this early in the process!

I anticipate some minor issues when I start to upload photos that were given to me by the graphics department and other sources. Analyzing the photos to figure out titles and tags is going to take some work. I’m sure that I’ll be able to ask people to see what details they can help me with.

I keep changing my mind on labels for the sets. Right now, we don’t have a pro account, so I am limited to three sets. That will change soon, and I can then add more sets. But for now, I keep changing the names of the sets so I can make sure that the label describes everything that is in the set.

My plan for Friday is to get my hands on more photos, upload more photos, and figure out the details of the photos I do have.

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