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The Early Days of the Internet

October 1, 2008

My first experience with virtual communities is a little silly, and embarrassing. During my first year of college, I took an internet class. My boyfriend (now husband) was also in the class. It was for that class that I had my first email address, and my first experience with search engines and websites.

One of the assignments was to explore chat rooms. I was in a chat room one day, chatting to some guy. We’re chatting away, and he’s telling me all this stuff about himself, including that he was planning on going to Eastern Illinois University, exactly where I was headed! It was kind of eerie.

Well, it turns out that it wasn’t just some random guy. It was my boyfriend playing a joke on me. Man, am I slow!

So that’s my first experience in any type of virtual community. I have learned a lot since then, including that people sometimes aren’t exactly what they seem…… 🙂

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