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Interesting point……

September 21, 2008

Scott Douglas, the blogger at Speak Quietly, has written an interesting post about John McCain, and his inability to use a computer. You can find his post at McCain & the Computer Hack I wasn’t aware of this, but it’s disturbing to me, especially in light of our conversations in class this morning. I don’t think that McCain needs to be a computer whiz, but some knowledge of what’s out there would be nice. Since a huge number of Americans are blogging, using social networking, or just surfing the web, I think it’s important that he be able to use a computer.

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  1. anabanana128 permalink
    September 21, 2008 7:49 pm

    I haven’t gotten a chance to read this article but I want to sometime soon. I’m sort of on overload after reading so much online. I was thinking about all the stuff we are learning in class in connection to the election too. Especially when we talked about how “hyperlinks subvert hierarchy.” I wonder how different it is for politicians when it seems like so many people have access to everything over the internet. Everything can be recorded and distributed so easily. Hopefully it serves to democratize the election even further.

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